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Herkuless protein pasta

  • 26% Protein - combines high quality wheat, egg and pea protein, ensuring 26,1g of protein per 100 g of serving.
  • Protein contributes to a growth in muscle mass and to the maintenance of normal bones
  • High fiber
  • 30% less carbohydrates compared to regular wheat pasta.
  • For professional athletes ,active life style and  balanceddiet lovers
  • 2SKU – Fusilli and Penne rigate shapes
  • Boiling time:14-16 minutes

Herkuless protein pasta Penne rigate

Herkuless protein pasta Fusilli


Herkuless oat pasta

Herkuless oat pasta combines the goodness of carefully selected oats and wheat grown in the fertile land of Baltics. Made from 50% oat flour and 50 % wholegrain wheat flour.

  • Oat beta-glucan reduces the cholesterol level in blood. Thebeneficial effect is obtained with daily intake of 3gbeta-glucans from oats.
  • High fibre - oat pasta is full of fiber, 27% of valuable cereal fibre per portion (% of recommended daily intake. Reference intake of an avarage adult (8400kJ/2000kcal);
  • Long energy– wholagrain products give our body long– term energy.

Herkuless oat pasta Cavatappi

Boiling time 4-6 minutes

Herkuless oat pasta Penne Rigate

Boiling time 5-7 minutes