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“Active & Fit” Muesli Bars with Yoghurt Cream

These appetizing cereal bars with fruit pieces and yoghurt cream are as healthy as they is tasty, as they have been additionally supplemented with natural fibre. When eating this delicious treat, you don’t have to worry about your figure because the bar contains only 94 calories.

Muesli Bar with Strawberry Pieces

Muesli Bar with Cranberry Pieces

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“Active & Fit” Muesli Bars with Chocolate Glaze

These tasty cereal bars with pieces of forest berries or nuts and chocolate glaze give you an immediate energy boost. This healthy treat is an excellent source of vitamin B and fibre and is perfect for those moments when you need a boost of energy or when you just crave a delicious snack!

with caramel & chocolate

with nuts & chocolate

with crunch & chocolate

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