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Active & Fit whole grain muesli

Active & Fit mueslis are based on oat flakes, as oats are not only a classic, but also an especially valuable muesli grain. Either for breakfast or as delicious snack in between meals, every portion of Active & Fit muesli contributes an important part to a healthy nutrition. Our muesli consists of tender and big-leaf whole grain oat flakes and high fruit and chocolate content. They can be mixed with milk, yogurt or cocoa or be used as a topping for yogurts, puddings and many other desserts.


Active & Fit whole grain muesli
with fruit 


 Active & Fit whole grain muesli
with chocolate



Active & Fit whole grain muesli with cranberries



Active & Fit crunchy muesli

Herkuless muesli is a roasted cereal flake mixture with different extrasdried fruits, nuts and even chocolate chips! This delicious, hearty and healthy mix is a perfect part of a complete breakfast and is a great snack at any other time of day. It's traditionally served with milk or yoghurt but feel free to use your imagination!

Yogurt & Raspberry muesli

Caramel & Chocolate muesli


 & Nuts muesli

ar maurlokiem ar piedevam ar senem




Strawberries & Almonds


Chocolate &biscuits





Herkuless Granola


     Herkuless Granola with strawberries

       Herkuless Granola with 3 types of chocolate

      Herkuless Granola with fruit