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Spelta (flake) wheat is one of the most ancient cropper cultures known already in Stone Age. In difference from other wheat cultures spelta grains are closed in flakes which protect them from diseases and pests, they are genetic intact grains resistant from environment contamination and distinguished with high nutritive value.

Our spelta wheatmeal is milled with stone grindstone according to historical traditions.

Hercogs Cake mixes

Hercogs cake flour mixes are made of high-quality raw materials and free from artificial additives. Mixes are fast and easy to prepare by adding  vegetable oil and water.

Free from artificial additives

Hercogs thick waffles


Hercogs Cake with
apple and bran


 Hercogs Dessert cake


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Hercogs Pancake mixes

Do you want every day to feel like a holiday?

Now it can! Hercogs Pancake Mixes is prepared with a recipe that make pancakes easy to make, saving you time and always giving you the result you want. Hercogs Pancake Mixes makes it easy for anyone to make delicious pancakes – every time! Hercogs pancakes taste great with cream, jam and honey, or whatever you like. The possibilities are endless!

Free from artificial additives

Hercogs Crepes


Hercogs Yeast Pancakes