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Quality control

The in-depth quality control system has been established at а/s "Rīgas Dzirnavnieks", starting from purchase of raw materials and ending with the production, packing and delivery of the finished product to clients:

Purchase of raw materials is a process which not only provides the purchasing of different grade crop grain, bet also implies settling and monitoring the problems connected with its planters, planting agricultural equipment, grain delivery and conditioning. In fact, it is a grain planting audit which our laboratory has been implementing over a three year period.
The laboratory in cooperation with the grain elevator personnel of the company monitors grain sorting, placing and storing according to its quality, desiccation and purification regimes, formation of grain milling batch and its transfer to the flour-mill for processing.
In the process of mill operation the sampling of average sample is carried out. It is necessary to define the quality indicators of finished product and take urgent measures in case of quality deviations.
Monitoring the quality of finished product is fulfilled during the product delivery, pre-packaging, as well as over the whole product storing period (shelf life). Any changes in the samples of manufactured products are detected at the special storage warehouse, where they are stored during the whole product shelf life period. The quality of the samples is evaluated repeatedly in the middle and at the end of shelf life, and additionally 3 month after expiry of shelf life.
The principle of a corporate responsibility is a key important factor in the daily routine of the laboratory likewise in the rest of a/s "Rīgas Dzirnavnieks" operations. The production section personnel implements quality control during the manufacture process by applying rapid analysis methods, while laboratory in its turn mainly employs standard methods and uses the equipment which allows achieving much more precise results as well as to regular monitoring and in case of necessity verify production equipment. A/s "Rīgas Dzirnavnieks" follows the regular and qualitative personnel training schedule.

Since 2009 a/s "Rīgas Dzirnavnieks" has introduced and certified ISO 22 000 , which testifies the company’s concern over the product consumer safety.