About us


The origin of the “Rigas Dzirnavnieks” can be found in 1946 when the food warehouse was built and the company “Sarkanais Oktobris” started its business as a complex of warehouses.

The first wheat mill was built in 1964 and the company started to grind grain. “Sarkanais Oktobris” became well known as a producer of flour for food.

During Soviet times “Sarkanais Oktobris” was the monopolist in the branch of producing flour. The experience gained during those 50 years and the high production capacities made it possible to adjust the new economic situation after the regain of independence.

“Sarkanais Oktobris” becomes the joint stock company “Rigas Dzirnavnieks” in 1994.

In 1995 in a public privatisation “Novadini”, the association of grain producing cooperatives, bought 65% of shares of “Rigas Dzirnavnieks”.

Since 1997 “Rigas Dzirnavnieks” is a subsidiary company of the Scandinavian leading flour producing company AB Lantmännen Cerealia.